kinetic light installations

multimedia works







  • site specific


    In relation to the chosen sites this work is site specific, every time renewed for different places and contexts.


    In a temporary or long-lasting way, indoors or outdoors, in public space or in a private context, each installation of [M]ondes is unique, original and linked to the space in which it is presented (dimensions, number of modules, technical device, scenography, mobile or fixed structures, on the ground, in the air...).


    Basic technical rider :

    - pre-visit ahead necessary (on site or on photos and maps)

    - darkness and hanging points necessary

    - other technical needs according to the project




    hanging cables

    example of implementation of one module

  • self-sufficient

    Self-sufficient version. Suspension on a metal structure 6m / 6m / 4m. 1-beam-module, all the equipment is provided


    Basic technical rider:

    - darkness

    - indoors or outdoors

    - flat ground





  • interactive

    Interactive version in a "black box", suitable to any kind of places (no need for darkness - technically self sufficient).

    With a motion detector (kinect), the movements of the spectators indirectly influence those of light.


    This version of the installation develops an intimate relationship with the public and an interactivity which is not taking up of power on the work: it is not about "having an effect on" but "acting with", sharing, meeting gently or even shyly.


    This interaction mode keeps the strangeness of the work, which remains like an organic being, alive, autonomous, poetic and mysterious, that you can neither master nor understand completely.


    Basic technical rider:

    - minimum space  L : 4.50 m - W : 2.40 m - H : 2.40 m.

    - indoors (or outdoors under a shelter)

    - capacity : up to 3 people





  • performances


    Sonic improvisations with surround broadcast and/or dance performances in the installation, by the artists of the duo Atsara and guest artists, in site specific installations or self-sufficient installations on structure.


    These performances continue the dialogue between the moving bodies of the artists, space and matter.


    Light leads the body which becomes a plastic component of the installation, a "mobile-body" in an unfolding dance: slow, connected, continually moving, cyclical, and however always changing.


    Particles suspended in a fluid that also surrounds the body, their presence reveals a danced space, dense matter that my movement slices and crosses, that the gesture stirs.




    Acousmatic compositions and live improvisations explore the sound aspects of raw materials, which circulate in the space and experiment a multitude of intensities, densities and textures.


    Far from being inert or static, every matter is an event, an animated dance  in its apparent immobility, a vibration, a rhythm.


    These performances are rooted in the singularity of space and time, and are open to any kind of coincidence.