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The installation [M]ondes stems from the interaction between interlacing metal sculptures, a projection device and a related sonic surroundings.

Rays of light cross the exhibition space. They are made visible by the matter they encounter : the surface of the metal sculptures becomes a projection surface.


The movement of light matter is resulting of the rotation of the sculptures or of the moving of light beams.


Unlike a projection screen that shows a complete image, this installation explores the interaction of reflected and non-reflected light as well as of the interplay of static surroundings and moving images..



Video of the setting up

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Festival Lichtrouten, Lüdenscheid, Allemagne, 2013.



The sonic surroundings of the installation is made of acousmatic compositions : cycles of sound overlap, creating variations within a continuous pulse. The surround broadcast deepens the immersive experience of the public.

Sounds come out in suspension in the silence, faint slowly or suddenly, suggest the echo of ethereal, aquatic or subterranean journeys in various dimensions of the matter.

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Le Carré Saint-Médard-en-Jalles 2009



Sparks of light appear out of the darkness, fly in the air, then vanish.

In a continuous metamorphosis, both cyclical and unpredictable this installation combines the slow and regular movement of geometrical shapes and the abundance of fleeting light particles.


This meditative work has the presence of an organic complex system, of a multiform living matter.


It offers the experience of an immersion in weightless worlds, changing the perception of volumes and the relation to space, borderline the loss of any point of reference.


The work is described with the wordplay on “onde” (French for “wave”) and “monde” (French for “world”).

Nuit Blanche Amiens 2009