painting and music improvisations
With Felip Costes (paintings), Jean-Marc Eon (drums), Roland Devocelle (saxophones, objects), Audrey Rocher (trombone, vocals, objects)

Improvisations made of paintings and music, that lead one to be part of the other.For the audience, it is a total visual and resonant experience, with no limits between the arts: colors become notes and sounds, shapes...
Through improvisation, painting and music enrich each other in a pertually renewed movement.


video extract
3,38 Mo Windows Media
Théâtre Pierre Tabard, Montpellier (34), 25/04/2004
(with A.Ferrando)
images: Michel Rocher



équilibres, music and clown improvisations for people of all ages
with Roland Devocelle (saxophones, objects), Jean-Marc Eon (batterie) and/or Amaël Ferrando (vocals),Audrey Rocher (clown, vocals)

The world of a clown meets that of improvising musicians. Each personnality with his or her fragility expresses him or herself within a spontaneous collective composition using humour and poetry.
A show between clowned dancing and mime, made of sensitive abstraction and weird narrative touchs.
Come for a walk with us on the spur of the moment...


video extract
4,34 Mo Windows Media

Théâtre Pierre Tabard, Montpellier (34), 15/02 et 25/04/2004
(with J-M. Eon and A. Ferrando)
images: Michel Rocher



Dancing on your skin resonant massage,touch and music improvisations
with Roland Devocelle (sound objects), Audrey Rocher (touch)

Quiet improvisation between the sounds of nearly silence and the touch of a hand and/or its props (feather, marble, straw, polished stone or wood) on your hands or arms’ skin, that’s up to you. Limited audience.
Close your eyes and feel the sounds running and slidind on your skin...






Fourmilière (ant heap), resonant setup by Roland Devocelle

Walking along a network of loudspeakers, inside which various materials are vibrated by a unique sound, almost inaudible...

Within the mass of these multiple sounds, the walker composes different resonant landscapes, according to his/her movings.

996 Ko mp3 (1'03'')



“Sound Machines” collective improvisations on farm machines
with who wants...

Improvisations with the sounds of disused farm machines (or any kind of disused machine), with an illimited number of participants. Every member of the audience can be one of the musicians.

Some dates will be scheduled to meet and play together on these sound machines (see the “Calendar” section of this website, or register on our mailing list). You can participate on the vast search of all kinds of machines. Please keep us aware of your findings so that we can launch new meetings !