Roland Devocelle, born in 1969 in Valence, is a self-taught musician and composer, Audrey Rocher, born in 1977 in Agen, is a performer, both are rooted in the art of improvisation. Since 2000, they are cooperating as artists, mainly working in multidisciplinary projects developing audiovisual improvisations. Their practice in the visual arts is based on photography and video works. In 2008 they started to work with projections, focusing on interplays of objects in motion as projection areas.

Sound and light share many physical qualities, as frequencies they are embedded in the interplay of time and space. In their rhythms, cycles and oscillations acoustical and optical phenomena are shaped. In their artistic concepts Atsara refer to the poetic qualities of the processes of constant transformation as the foundation of all audio and visual phenomena.

Artistic step

Transdisciplinary work

Our work situates itself at the crossraods of several artistic disciplines: sound art, visual art and corporeal art. From one artistic discipline into another, our work expands, combines, provokes, inspires, enters into resonance. Sound art and visual art become indivisible.

This transdisciplinarity is for us a special key, linked to our respective backgrounds, which brings us to imagine polymorphic works, intimate works, stilmulating differents senses.

Simplicity and birth of the imaginary

Our creations, whether auditory or visual, find their expression in simple technologies.

The materials employed are in themselves simple, raw materials. And so they are equally close to us all, perceived and understood directly without intermediaries. Common, almost banale, they take another dimension by the modification of the viewer’s sight-line or the quality of listening.

In this new approach the imagination expands—ours, in the role of creators, and that of the viewer as well. In fact, we wish to conceive open works that invite the spectator to activate his own imagination, leaving the field open for the poetic vision of every person.

Dialogue with chance

From the conception, we enter into a dialogue with Matter, be it sonore, visual, or coproreal. We establish an exchange between what the matter suggests to us spantaneously and what we choose to recreate, what we discover freely inside the moment and the orientation we wish to formalise. An equilibrium insues, between the artistic will and the aleatory happening, between our propositions and those of chance.

This process creates works that reflect who we are and drives us as well us to unimagined territories. Chance extends its hand and invites us to discover where we would not have gone consciously: an elsewhere, a bit further, within us and around us.

From this spirit of improvisation during the creative process or during the performance itself, are born moving works, permeable presences, having a cyclical character, continually renewed.