Roland DEVOCELLE/ Audrey ROCHER (duo atsara)- e-mail

Atsara is a duo composed of Roland Devocelle and Audrey Rocher, working in the field of plastic arts, sound arts and corporeal art.

From one artistic discipline into another, our work expands, combines, provokes, inspires, enters into resonance. Sound art and visual art become indivisible.

Our first creation in 2000 was the beginning of our common work with sounds and gestures, and of our interest in the relations between sound arts and other artistic expressions.

As one of us initially comes from a musical formation, and the other one from drama and clown art, our collaboration is enriched by these differing approaches to performing arts, sound art, dramaturgy, relation with the audience, and improvisation. Our research in the field of plastic arts is likewise nourished by this background.

From 2002 to 2007, we have made several artistic collaborations in France and abroad based on musical and mulitdisciplinary improvisation with musicians (Luc Bouquet, Wilehad Grafenhorst, Jeff Gburek…), painter (Felip Coste), clown (Bulo), dancers (Fine Kwiatkowski, Ephia/Cie Djalma…), puppet and shadow-theater artist (Raphaël Thibault, Cie Scolopendre), writer (Virginie Lou)…

At the same time, we also practiced and researched in the visual arts, through photography, video art, performances (in the frame of our sound and visual performance “odbo”), and recently, in 2008, with kinetic light installations, “les lucioles” (fireflies).

Roland Devocelle is born in1969 in Valence (F-26).
Audrey Rocher is born in 1977 in Agen (7-47).
After several years of nomadic way of life, we settled in the South West of France, where we live and work since 2008.