Roland DEVOCELLE / Audrey ROCHER e-mail

Atsara is a duo composed of Roland Devocelle and Audrey Rocher, working in the field of plastic arts, sound arts and corporeal art.

From one artistic discipline into another, our work expands, combines, provokes, inspires, enters into resonance. Sound art and visual art become indivisible.

Our first creation in 2000 was the beginning of our common work with sounds and gestures, and of our interest in the relations between sound arts and other artistic expressions.

As one of us initially comes from a musical formation, and the other one from drama and clown art, our collaboration is enriched by these differing approaches to performing arts, sound art, dramaturgy, relation with the audience, and improvisation. Our research in the field of plastic arts is likewise nourished by this background.

From 2002 to 2007, we have made several artistic collaborations in France and abroad based on musical and mulitdisciplinary improvisation with musicians (Luc Bouquet, Wilehad Grafenhorst, Jeff Gburek…), painter (Felip Coste), clown (Bulo), dancers (Fine Kwiatkowski, Ephia/Cie Djalma…), puppet and shadow-theater artist (Raphaël Thibault, Cie Scolopendre), writer (Virginie Lou)…

At the same time, we also practiced and researched in the visual arts, through photography, video art, performances (in the frame of our sound and visual performance “odbo”), and recently, in 2008, with kinetic light installations, “les lucioles” (fireflies).

Roland Devocelle is born in1969 in Valence (F-26).
Audrey Rocher is born in 1977 in Agen (7-47).
After several years of nomadic way of life, we settled in the South West of France, where we live and work since 2008.

Roland DEVOCELLE e-mail

Self-taught musician and composer, I practise improvisation with musicians but also within the framework of multi-field meetings ( with clown, dance, painting). In my various artistic activities (music, photography, collages...), my work consists of a rediscovery of the fundamental aesthetic elements (form, volume, tone quality, etc...) in order to project my sensitivity, my interior necessity. This projection is accompanied by a will to react to the moment, to find the accuracy of the moment. Since spring 2004, I chose an itinerant way of life, in order to discover new horizons, to exchange differently, meet artists and to find other manners of making music (in the country, at the inhabitants’ homes...).
The itinerant life is the logical continuation of my artistic orientation: it is simply the improvisation applied to my daily life.


Free clown, slide trombone, pocket trumpet, tickler of sounds, “pouêt” with words, follower of the grommello, finder of stones, of moving images and photographs.
Free improvisation brings me to my inner self : acting in the moment, without back thought, living at present, “making fire of any wood”, living in my body, leaving the imaginary, the invisible freely acting on me.

My practice of improvisation has been enriched by creating clown and musical shows for all ages
(in collaboration with Roland Devocelle): performing for children, a very reactive audience, demands a good feeling of the audience's energies.

Stéphane GAUCHON e-mail

First listen to ALL the sounds. Do not reject any of them. Noises of
the power pick, laughters of children, squeakings of door, rumbling
of thunder, humming of engine... Cherish these fugitive musical expression of the world. Record them in order to prove your love.

Then close your eyes and listen again. Rediscover them. New. Different. Detached from their source, they acquire their own existence, they become autonomous. Almost material.

Play with them, without moderation. Cut, stretch, reverse, assemble, mix, etc... until obtaining a musical daydream, a sound impression of the world, a thousand and one noises tale or any other sound proposal according to your taste.

Finally, invite friends and taste.


First interested by photography then by video, Felip Costes worked for many years as a cameraman and assembler. Then he worked on the first French T.V. programs entirely created in synthesized images and was specialised in the characters’ animation.

Currently, Felip Costes devotes all its artistic expression on painting and gives there his personal sensitivity to the world. The black of his inks, the balance of his compositions confers on its work a plastic force where the movement occupies a dominant role.

Always attracted by new artistic forms, he takes part in performance shows with improvising musicians, and paints in public large pictures - painting becomes part of music. These performance shows strongly influence its gestural work.

site internet:

Jean-Marc EON e-mail

Born 12.09.1963 in Béziers, France (Champeau Hospital)
When he is 15 years old, his music teacher notices his virtuosity with the wooden flute.
When he is 16 years old, after deep thought, he chooses drums and Hard Rock. Then he goes to Philippe Charneux’s and Jean-Pierre Julian’s class (School Dante Agostini and JAM).
After several experiments of rock'n'roll, Latin music and jazz, he enters the Musical Information Center in Paris, in 1993. There he meets George Pasczynsky and plays with various musicians, good musicians but not very known.

In 1994, finds a “job” of serious patient at the Lapeyronie Hospital in Montpellier where he experiments in the hematology service.

He is back to music in 1996, entering the AJMI (Avignon – France) and taking part in Louis Sclavis’ project "Passades" in 2000. Then, he plays with musicians of jazz and improvised music: Christian Lavigne, Remi Charmasson, Guillaume Séguron, Michel Proud, Laure Donnat, Bernard Santacruz, Lionel Garcin.

In 2005, he is involved in various projects of creation in jazz and improvisation.

Amaël FERRANDO e-mail

Instrument: Vocals!

We talk about playing, but it is the Cosmic Play which is playing!

We imagine stories, times and spaces,
We create them, live them, we laugh, we suffer, we die,

And at the end, what remains?
Just feelings that will now exist for ever, and that however we will never be able to find again.

And the idea that we brought in the Sound a little bit of this other world, “Non Manifesté”…

Like people who create their lives at the size of their Dreams:
Just feelings in eternity.

Welcome on the grounds of the Titans.
The Titans play.

Other intruments: Massage, Reflexology, Workshops

Antony MAUBERT e-mail

Antony Maubert was born in 1974. While he was studyingscience he also learned to play clarinet at the music school of Clermont-Ferrand (Conservatoire). In Lyon, he decided to devote solely to interpreting and composing music. He received a master in musicology and studied music theory (harmony, counterpoint, analysis, esthetics) at the conservatoire regional (music school).

He was one of the founding members and general secretary of Création Musicale XXI, a society of composers from Lyon. Then he moved to the CNSM in Paris. He also attended the composition cursus at the CCMIX (former UPIC workshops, created by Ianis Xenakis). There he specialised himself in acousmatic and electronic music with Gerard Pape, Julio Estrada and Jean-Claude Risset.

Recently, he has worked in theatre, performance, and installation. Through these multidisciplinary projects he has been able to establish a dialogue with artists from other backgrounds and the human experience that he thus has had is at the core of his recent creations.
He is currently working in improvisation, in an either strictly electronical way or combining digital processing with non musical, non traditional sound objects.


Daisuké TERAUCHI e-mail

The Composer, Performer and Improviser Daisuke Terauchi received his Master's Degree from Elizabeth University of Music in Hiroshima in 1999 studying under Koji Tomotani and Jo Kondo. He is presently studying under Klaas de Vries and lives in Amsterdam.

He creates works in various mediums including chamber music, live performance and improvisation. He has produced 2 CD's entitled "Thread, works by Daisuke Terauchi" [HALE-006CD] and "Wordless poetry, short pieces for voice by Daisuke Terauchi" [solacd-001]. In 2003, he was invited to attend the Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival "Young composers in the world" in Korea, where his work "Ivy for flute and piano" was performed. He has taught at Shiratake elementary school and Elizabeth University of Music.

He has recently assisted in the writing of an ear training book entitled "The Musician's Ear" by Jo Kondo.


He has recently assisted in the writing of an ear training book entitled "The Musician's